Patagonia and Creative Action Network partner to create the #voteourplanet campaign

I am thrilled to have three images included in this exciting campaign.  See them at the Creative Action Network and spread the #voteourplanet word.

about the elephant print:
“The majestic, powerful, legendary, mythic elephant regularly inspires my work, as does the horror of the extensive and gruesome ivory killings. Complex, entwined issues of poverty, power, prestige and insatiable consumption (conceptually represented in tangled, overlapping, circuitous lines) has, over a three year period (2010-2012), fueled the killings of over 100,000 highly intelligent, social, nurturing, emotionally expressive elephants. This is happening now. The poachings are a social, human problem. We are also the ones who have the power to be the solution. Whether for endangered species, alternative energy, land and water conservation or sustainable food production—through creative, collaborative coalitions we can make a difference. But in order to create change we must get involved. Show up like an elephant: be intelligent, compassionate and fierce, trumpet your voice so the whole of the world can hear! Vote our planet.” –Britt